Anti-Covid Crusade: 10 Tips for a Sustainable Recovery of the travel and hospitality industry

Anti-Covid Crusade: 10 Tips for a Sustainable Recovery of the travel and hospitality industry. 10 ways to rethink and reinvent Travel and Tourism Sector to face the COVID era. Smart ideas to redesign operations, marketing, sales, and customer service strategies for Tourism Businesses and Destinations.

1. Less physical contact and more emotional contact with Mental Hygiene. Mental Hygiene is an integral part of the tourism and the sustainable development goals.

2. More interaction in digital channels directed towards On-Line sales and service.

3. Taking advantage of technology to make smart pricing decisions.

4. Reeducate clients in Hygiene and Health protocols in accordance to the legality, veracity, and quality of information.

5. Develop Hosts/Ambassadors of Emotional Wellbeing, health and hygiene that will provide peace of mind.

6. Avoid reducing customer service standards and increase measures to detect possible Covi-19 cases and protect the environment care.

7. Use Local Consumers (micro influencers) as a synonym of trust and compliance related to the Covid 19 Prevention protocols in your Tourism Destination and Tourism business.

8. Encourage customers to book longer stays and travel packages with added values. Inspire potential travelers with sustainable tourism examples.

9. Push for immediate revenues through gift vouchers/certificates. Support your workers and help the communities.

10. Build a strong community of followers in Social Media to communicate offers, promotions and prevention protocols. Effective and timely health and commercial communication is always important.

Business Strategists are fundamental in Helping the Tourism Sector to Recover Sustainably: Experthree Experts.

Experthree is committed to promoting sustainable, safe, and healthy ways of traveling, investing, and living in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and Latam. Ask the E3xperts!

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Anti-Covid Crusade: Travel and Hospitality Industry


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